Long time ago, when I was 7 (or so) I read a book that marked the beginning of my love with Fantasy: The Lord of the Ring. While reading it I journeyed with the heroes into a epic adventure, battling alongside elves, humans and dwarves against Orcs and Goblings. I fought, side by side, with Aragorn against the 9 Ring Wraiths, followed Frodo and Sam through the Journey to Mordor, and was there when everything finished....
I was really impressed by the book, and it marked me for life.
When Internet first came along ( back in '93), when downloading a 200k file was a true adventure second only to finding the file in the first place, I needed a nick to use in all those MUDs I used to play. I wanted some nick that no one else could have, or could have thought... I remembered the elvish language, which Tolkien fully developed, and went to it for a name.

Perhaps the grammar is not right, but Soront stands for "Eagle" an "ar" was a common suffix for a male name. I added an "h" in the middle for better look and voila! Soronthar was born.

Since then I have been signing all my contributions, emails, websites, etc with that nick.

Soronthar was also the name for the first PC in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that I evolved from level 1 to level 21... But that's another story.

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